C/C++ Software Developer

August, 18 2019 - San Jose, CA

Talos, Cisco’s premiere Threat Intelligence Team is currently hiring for a C/C++ Software Developer in San Jose CA.

About You

Are you passionate about stopping cyber crime? Are you up to the challenge of building tools to find malware-sized “needles” in terabyte-sized “haystacks”? Come join the cyber warriors in Cisco's Talos team as we develop security and threat research tools that are faster, more scalable, and better able to handle emerging security threats than any of our competitors.

The Team

Today's IT organizations need security products that leverage leading threat intelligence to effectively safeguard their extended networks. Creating that intelligence is the focus of Cisco’s Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group. Talos is comprised of leading threat researchers supported by sophisticated systems. Our researchers create threat intelligence for Cisco products to protect customers from both known and emerging threats.

As a member of the Talos Backend Development team, you will architect and build high-performing systems that provide exceptional visibility from the aggregation and analysis of telemetry data, encompassing:

  • Billions of web requests and emails
  • Millions of malware samples
  • Open source data sets
  • Millions of network intrusions

The result is a security intelligence cloud producing "big intelligence" and reputation analysis that track threats across networks, endpoints, mobile devices, virtual systems, web, and email. For news about us, check out the Talos Blog.

Role and Required Skills

  • Integrate Talos and Advanced Threat Defense intelligence into turnkey products
  • Creation of portable high performance analysis engines
  • Extending intelligence within Cisco rich suite of customer solutions
  • C/C++
  • Perl/Python
  • High performance
  • OO design
  • Unix/Linux
  • Internet protocols (HTTP/SMTP/etc)
  • Knowledge of DB and data structures
  • Static code analysis tools
  • Autotools/RPM/Packaging and open source software design
  • Continuous Integration
  • Networking knowledge (level 4 and above)